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Princess Mary Suella by frostykat13

Better than more than 1,000 of the other alicorn OCs out there. A+ for technique because well I wouldn't be subbed to you if I didn't a...


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Spike didn't like where this was going. "About what, Twilight?"

Spike noticed Twilight had already grabbed his favorite book. Twilight placed it gently down on the folds of his bed basket.

"About your accidents."

Spike really didn't like where this was going. Spike froze at the mere word alone and Twilight could see this unnerved him.

"Spike I've noticed that this whole situation has really been putting a lot of stress on you. Stress on you while we're out doing errands, stress on you when we're at home, stress on you when we're out with friends," Twilight paused. "That's something I didn't even know was capable of stressing somepony out!" 

Spike stood there at his bedroom door still frozen and unsure of what was to come next.

"I just don't like seeing you so stressed Spike. I want to try helping you and sure I admit I sort of went about it the wrong way at first what with going behind your back to ask Fluttershy for information. But I'm here to make it up now."

Twilight Sparkle paced around the room in front of Spike while she spoke. 

"The truth is Spike these things are sometimes psychological, mostly physical," she supposed. "But psychological nonetheless. And you acting out while we're among friends really frightens me that there's something more really going on here Spike. Why don't you trust our friends?"

Spike was still recovering from being emotionally ambushed. He was unaware that Twilight had asked him something directly and was waiting for his answer.

"Spike? Why do you think our friends would ever hurt you or make fun of you?" Twilight was right in front of Spike now directing his attention to her face. "Over something you can't control?"

Spike stonewalled his tear ducts. "It's not that. It's not like that at all."

"Oh? So tell me. Why then?"

Spike balled his fists at his sides and mustered every ounce of courage to be honest. He knew he could never look Applejack in the eye again if he lied to his caregiver outright. He sighed and let the words flow out.

"Twilight, when I was just little more than a hatchling you took me in, cared for me, used your magic to make me happy, stayed up with me when I was scared, sacrificed a large part of your time for me even when you barely knew me or what I was. I was such an inconvenience on you from the very beginning!"

"Spike you know that's not true. Princess Celestia did task me with caring for you and you were technically my entrance exam to her school. But our bond was unbreakable from day one. I don't see what that has to do with our friends. They like you and care for Spike. Just like I do."

Spike countered, "But you always talk about how hard those times were for you, not to me, but I hear it when we're out with old friends and new friends. 'Magic school was very stressful and very challenging at first'," Spike did the finger quotation marks with his claws. "Am I to believe that I was making things easier for you? I barely remember any of it during those days but even I know that that can't be true!" Spike started to feel the tears well up. "I don't need them thinking that you're only with me because you have to be!"

Twilight was panged by this realization. She had no idea Spike felt this way. 

Does Spike think I resent him then?

"I just wish I could have shaped up earlier for you," Spike sobbed. "But I couldn't. I don't know how. I'll never be truly independent without you."

Spike fell down on the floor, collapsing from the weight of lifting all of this emotion out from within him.

"There's no way for me to play that scenario out in my head that we were both happy."

Twilight wasn't prepared for this. Fluttershy was right as usual. Maybe Spike's dilemma was in fact triggered psychologically? She had tears of her own in her eyes.

"How will I ever know you won't resent me for those times you wasted all for a lowly, high-maintenance, abandoned dragon no good for a hard working, smart, talented unicorn attending the best magic school in all of Equestria!?" Spike was crying loudly now. He was shielding his eyes with his hands. "I gave you nothing then! I could offer you nothing in return except gas, long loud nights, an insatiable appetite, and dirty diapers! And now..."

Twilight reached out to her number one friend, "Spike..."

"And now even a full year and a half later, after you've read me countless stories, made sure the boogie pony isn't waiting for you to leave so he can eat me, making me hot cocoa just the way I like it scalding hot, after all of these moments the only things I can give you are checklists, messages, and an occasional book or two. Let's face it Twilight. I'm always going to need you more than you need me."

Twilight was crying. She however was better at hiding it.

"I'm scared, Twilight. Scared that you'll soon realize this and leave me and I'll be all alone again like when I was found."

Spike stopped there, a mess curled up on the floor beneath a flood of tears. Twilight had heard and registered it all. Any pressure she put on Spike to be independent was completely missed by her. None of what Spike had said had ever crossed her mind as a possible sensation. She quickly internalized it and empathized for Spike. Night Light and Twilight Velvet had very high expectations on her and Shining from an early age. She didn't like thinking that somehow she vicariously raised Spike through them.

Now it was Twilight's turn to speak.

"Spike," Twilight lifted him up in her hooves and tried to get him to stare into his eyes.

"When I made you my assistant do you want to know why?"

Spike rubbed his eyes.

"Classes like the History of Magic in Equestria, Science and Potions, Magic P.E. were easy for me because they all involved lots of reading. But in Professor Inkwell's Spell Writing and Incantations class I had no choice but to demonstrate learning hands on. You hated that class when I had to bring you in with me. Professor Inkwell's face used to scare you," Twilight laughed remembering such an occasion. "When it was time to group up and practice our magic in our lab groups nopony wanted to work with me. I guess they thought I wouldn't have time or that I'd be too distracted or maybe that you were too loud."

"I don't see how this is helping any, Twilight," Spike said from under Twilight's cradling arms. 

"Just a moment. Just as it seemed that I wasn't going anywhere in the class an idea occurred to me. I didn't need my classmates to form a lab group. I had the best magic assistant in all of Equestria!"


"Oh hey, Owlicious." The owl came in to Spike's room as he suspected a good story and was always willing to listen to one as it were told.

"Who'd you find to be your lab assistant, Twilight?"

"You!" Twilight booped Spike playfully on the nose. "I told you you were going to be my assistant and it was your job to test spells with me. We tried all sorts of spells before we got the class prompts right. I think I turned you into a fire breathing mouse at one point by mistake? Those were some of the fondest memories I had at magic school. I no longer worried about my classmates or how I'd understand the lesson material because I had you, my number one assistant." Twilight placed Spike on his bed and sat down next to him so she was at eye level with him as he laid in his bed.

"But you taught me something else too. Something that no textbook, professor, lab group, test tube or pedagogical utensil could ever teach. Love."

Spike sat up confused. "Love? Like Mr. and Mrs. Cake?"

"Well kind of. Love, Spike, is something everypony feels at some point in their life. At that point before I met you I was so bogged down by trying to be the best at magic that love was completely foreign to me. Friends were of the littlest importance to me in my life. Success was of the highest value. I had no time to stop and share love with friends."

"Ok, so where do I fit in to all of this 'love' thing, Juliet?"

"When I watched you grow and I saw you interact with me in the most foolish of ways I was reminded that it's ok to make mistakes. It's ok to not always know the answer to everything. You took so much pressure off of me and you gave me so much love entirely by accident. Here I had this little dragon who prior to having met me was sitting inside of an unhatched egg blissfully unaware that the nest you were in didn't belong to your real mother. And I didn't care about any of that before I started 'studying' with you in our lab group. Well, you know what I mean. When I named you as my assistant I started to look at you as a friend before anything else. And friends care for one another. Spike you gave me so much without realizing it. You still do. You taught me how to care and how to love."

"I wish I could remember those moments." Spike recalled flipping through the photo album with Twilight where her Dad Night Light took countless photos of the two of them, usually with something stuck to their faces. He had a hard time recognizing himself so small.

"You say that you were an inconvenience on me Spike but that couldn't be further from the truth. I learned so much from you both in practicing my magic and by learning how to love." 


"Spike I love you. Unconditionally. And I always will. I may not have realized it at first when you were given to me. But truly you taught me more than I'll ever be able to teach you. You may not see it always. But know that if I'd ever left you, it'd be in a dream. I need you just as much as you think you need me, Spike. And I'll always always always love you bunches and bunches in the whole wide world of Equestria. Please don't ever think I'd leave you. There's no way I'd ever repay you like that."

Spike took a second to digest all the information that Twilight just laid out on him. 

"So I'll always be your number one assistant then? You'll never leave me?"

"Oh Spike," Princess Twilight lifted the sheets to cover her dragon in his tiny basket. "Of course not. But you were never really my assistant."

Spike frowned.

"You were always my #1 everything. And I'll always love you." Spike settled under his covers next to his mother.

Twilight confident in her ability to soothe her baby dragon finally reached for Spike's favorite book Goodnight Friebreather

"Chapter 1: Scales in Armor."

Just as Twilight began Spike had already fallen asleep, the smile wide on his face. Twilight read on aloud anyway.

Twilight Sparkle:breakcopyright: HASBRO
Spike the Dragon:breakcopyright: HASBRO
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic :breakcopyright: HASBRO
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It was getting late now. Fluttershy had left for her cottage well over an hour ago and still no Spike.

What could that baby dragon be doing? thought Twilight.

Twilight was getting worried. She decided she was going to simply trot on over to Sugarcube Corner and see if she could find him herself.

But just as she was about to exit through the front of her castle the door flung wide open.

"...Time to buy a new fence!" Pinkie Pie delivered the punch line of a joke she was in the middle of telling Spike.

"I don't get it. How can it be 'timetobuyanewfence' o'clock?" Spike asked from on top of Pinkie Pie's back cupcake frosting all over his mouth and claws.

Pinkie snorted. "You silly filly the elephant breaks the fence when he sits on it so the time it is when an elephant sits on a fence is time to get a new one!"

Spike was gently bucked off Pinkie's back and he slid down her tail which had somehow contorted to form a slide. Spike reached the bottom of the "slide" with a step of his feet. 

"Ohhhh... hahahahahaha!" Spike laughed. "I get it now! Elephants are too big to sit on fences."

"What are you two talking about?" Twilight interrupted their little moment.

"Oh hey, Twilight," Spike waved his frosting covered claws at his pony companion. "Pinkie Pie was just telling me another one of her jokes while she walked me back from Sugarcube corner."

"The one about elephants?"

"You mean you've heard it before?" Spike shot Pinkie a disapproving glance.

"Not just about elephants Twilight. Elephants that sit on fences. And elephants who can tell precisely what time it is." Pinkie gasped. "Oh my gosh! And do you know what time it is?"

"It's precisely ha-"

Pinkie Pie vaulted in front of Twilight with a party canon acquired from mallet space. "Time to get a new fence!" The canon exploded with a white picket fence. Pinkie Pie held it proudly in her hooves.

"I can only guess how many cupcakes you both ate." Twilight took notice of the frosting all over Spike's mouth and claws.

"Well actually-" Spike began.

"No, Twilight. you can know how many cupcakes we both ate because I'll tell you." Pinkie paused for dramatic emphasis, looked at the two of them standing in the castle to see if they were intently listening. Satisfied: "Two."

"Just two?" Twilight sounded confused.

"Well you did give me 2 bits Twilight. That's a bit-a-cake." Spike reminded Twilight.

"No. This is a bit of cake!" Pinkie Pie holding a plate of chocolate cake suddenly "pied" it into Spike's face. Spike licked his face with his long slender tongue and fell on the floor holding his sides.

"Good one Pinkie Pie!" Spike had tears of laughter in his eyes.

Twilight sighed. "Thanks for bringing Spike home Pinkie Pie. I was beginning to wonder when he was coming back."

"Awww, it was nothing Twilight. Spike is a great audience. He even has a couple jokes of his own." Pinkie Pie giggled.

"Oh?" Twilight looked over at Spike who was trying to dislodge a stray tear from his jovial eyes. "Well I'll be happy to hear some of them while I'm giving him his bath."

Spike sank. 

"Well I should get out of your mane then. I need to go back and keep my eyes on the cakes anyway. You never know what kind of cake mongering ponies roam these streets in the evening," Pinkie said looking out the facade's window. "I feel 'em out there. I can just feel them, Twilight."

"Uh huh," Twilight was half listening and half keeping her eye on Spike who was all too predictably trying to tip-toe away after the mention of the word "bath". 

"You hear me cake thieves? I WILL FIND YOU!" Pinkie screamed out from the top of the castle suddenly appearing there for an instant in a flash. 

Pinkie Pie teleported back down in front of the purple dragon and mare. 

"I'll help you find them," Spike attempted a rudimentary diversion.

But Twilight was much too aware. "Oh, no you don't Iron Pony." Twilight encased Spike in a bubble of magic. "You're not going anywhere." Spike knew there'd be no resisting her. He folded his arms and glared at nothing while he was gently placed on her back.

"Well thanks again Pinkie and good luck erm, uh finding those cake nappers."

"Thanks Twilight," Pinkie Pie had a determined, focused look of energy on her face. "But luck has nothing to do with it. I'll stand guard all night if I have to. The only thing I ask in return is to be rewarded with cake. Lots and lots of cakes..." Pinkie started ruminating to herself and looking in front of her forelegs as she walked out Twilight's door.

"Goodnight Pinkie Pie!" Twilight called out from next to the door.

"...Big cakes too. And small ones of course. But also big ones."

Spike and Twilight exchanged mutually perplexed looks. Spike thought he'd call out next. "Goodnight!"

But Pinkie Pie stayed fixed in her cake dreams. Spike and Twilight both shrugged and they closed the door behind themselves.

Suddenly they heard a cry of realization: "I'M THE CAKE THIEF!?" followed by the rarest of Pinkie Pie's sobbing. 

Twilight briefly glanced back at the door. Spike chuckled to himself knowing just how random that pink pony can be sometimes.

Now that that was over it was time to deal with a dirty dragon.

"Do I have to take a bath? Look I was able to get most of the frosting off by myself!" Spike held up his claws in front of Twilight's face. He had no mirror and therefore couldn't see just how messy his face was.

"Yes. Bath. Now. Mister." Twilight marched Spike up the steps to the bathroom.

The bathroom had a blue and magenta tiled floor, matching towels, and a shower curtain that showed all of Twilight and Spike's favorite constellations on it. In the corner of the bathroom was a large wooden tub they used for Spike's bubble baths. Twilight grabbed some bubbles and ran the warm water just right. The sound of the rushing water irked Spike but he still knew better than to fight with Twilight. Besides the bubble he was trapped in was a pretty strong deterrent from any unwillingness on his part.

Twilight poured the bubble solution in the tub underneath the running water so that it foamed up nice for Spike. Bubbles or not, Spike did not like getting wet. He was more of a shower pony. 

"Aw, don't pout Spike. It'll all be over quick," Twilight hovered the bubble of magic her assistant was held in right over the water and set him down in it. The water fell just above Spike's midsection. Spike had to admit the warm water did feel alright on his scales, even if he had been saving the frosting between his claws for later.

"If you say so."

Twilight didn't waste any time. She grabbed a pink wash cloth from a nearby drawer and scrubbed everywhere! 

"Ah! Hey! Twilight! It tickles! Stop!" Spike had very sensitive skin under his arms, beneath his feet, and on his tummy. Twilight knew this and smiled all the while. To speed things up she had multiple rags scrubbing between Spike's toes and his claws, as well as under his arms. Spike was laughing so loudly from it that Rarity could probably hear him from the Carousel Boutique. Twilight continued to hold Spike in her magic just over the water while he was turned, flipped, and scrubbed soundly front to back, top to bottom, side to side.

"This little pony went to market," Twilight pinched one of Spike's large toes. "This little pony stayed home." She moved to the next. "This little pony had cinnamon sapphire cupcakes." 

"AHAHAHAHAAAAAHA- HAHAH!!!!" Spike prepared himself for the loudest part.

"But this little pony had none." Twilight grinned widely. Spike knew what was coming next. Twilight pinched Spike's littlest dragon toe in her hoof and said, "and this little pony cried 'wee, wee, wee!' all the way home!" Spike was uncontrollable with laughter. He didn't even have his eyes open. He was shaking all around as Twilight ran her hooves all over Spike's body like she did whenever she got to the "wee" part of the nursery rhyme.

"Twilight stop! Please! Please stop! I can't take it anymore!"

Twilight lifted her baby dragon out of the tub who had been thoroughly tickled beyond composure. Twilight just smiled as she always did when Spike laughed like that.

She placed him in a warm fluffy towel monogrammed with her cutie mark (stitched together by Rarity for Twilight's new castle with color coordinated cloth). As she was drying him off he started to calm down. 

"There! All nice and dry Spike! And look at that! No more frosting." Twilight pulled the plug on the bath's drain. 

"Yeah, yeah that was all very cute. Are we done now?" Spike would never admit to liking the "this little pony" thing.

"Almost Spike. Now all you have to do is brush and floss your teeth and wash your hands afterwards."

Spike groaned. He didn't mind brushing. It was the flossing that he detested. Fluttershy had somehow put it in Twilight's head that flossing was absolutely necessary to do at least once a day. Twilight trusted her animal caretaker friend of course so that was all she needed to hear to form a solid opinion of her own on the manner. Research or not. Her dragon assistant number 1 was not going to develop gum disease if she had anything to do with it.

Spike hopped up on his stepping stool by the sink and got to work.

"When you're done go to your room and pick out a story you want me to read you for bed time. I'd say you earned it. Today was long and you were the perfect assistant all day." Twilight gladdened.

Even after I dropped the ball... Twilight mused.

Spike already had a favorite book picked out almost immediately after Twilight mentioned story time.

Once Twilight was back downstairs Spike hurried to spit out the gross tooth paste and grabbed a hoof full of floss. It was tricky for him to do by himself at first. It wasn't until Twilight showed him the right amount to use and how to get in between the teeth towards the back of his mouth that he was able to do it on his own. Spike had a lot of teeth to clean between though!

He washed his hands one more time tonight and hopped on down to descend the stairs towards his room. "That wasn't so bad." Spike said aloud to himself.

What book should I pick? Goodnight Firebreather? Or something else? What's Twilight's favorite book? Maybe we can read that one this time?

Spike was just about to his room with the door that read "Spike's Little Home" when he heard Twilight pacing back and forth from behind it.

"Twilight? Is everything alright?"

Twilight, already holding Spike's favorite book "Goodnight Firebreather" under her wing, stopped pacing upon Spike's entrance. 

Twilight looked directly at Spike and said "Spike I need to talk to you about something right now. Can we read Firebreather in just a minute?"

Whatever she wanted to talk about, Spike thought. It must be important. Twilight never puts off reading anything!

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"Fluttershy!" The purple alicorn was surprised to see her animal caretaker friend back so soon with her pet owl. "Come in! Come in!"

"Who, who!" Owlicious hovered right above Twilight so that he might show off his feathers.

"Oh my Fluttershy, you did a fantastic job with Owlicious. He looks even better than I expected! I don't know what to say!" The owl donned feathers of the most beautiful hues of brown, autumn, and tan. The owl would be blushing if all those beautiful feathers weren't covering up the flesh on his cheeks. 

"Thank you so much Twilight. But it was nothing, honest. I just love helping out a friend," Fluttershy lifted her hoof for Owlicious to temporarily perch on while she admired him. "Especially if that friend has a cute, beautiful, handsome owl like this one." Fluttershy offered the owl a warm smile who returned it with a noise of gratitude. Owlicious then took off to pursue other owly matters.

"So," Fluttershy was interested in something else. "How's Spike holding up? He seemed pretty upset earlier. Is he doing better now?" Fluttershy remembered just how sad Spike looked standing at her threshold only but several hours earlier. His embarrassing secret was just found out by quite arguably the only pony in Ponyville who he didn't want to find it. And he wasn't taking it so well then. "I know we talked a little bit and that seemed to cheer him up," Fluttershy paused. "But I worry about him. I hope he's still not feeling embarrassed by it all." The timid yellow pegasus pony rubbed her foreleg and regarded the castle floor.

"Oh he's doing better, don't worry!" Twilight stated. "We've since had lunch with Rainbow, Pinkie, and Applejack at the Hayburger while you were busying your hooves with Owlicious. He was acting a little strange but nothing too serious."

"Oh, that sounds lovely! I just love their oil fried oats."

"Yeah, the poor little guy was so tired after eating and after running all of those errands with me he about fell over tired from needing his nap."

"The poor dear..." Fluttershy above all ponies knew how important it was for young ones to be given intermittent sleep throughout their daily schedules. Even well trained baby dragon assistants like Spike!

"Which reminds me: it's about time I ought to check on Mr. Sleepyscales. Won't you come with me?" Twilight asked her friend.

"Sure Twilight!" Fluttershy found it hard to contain her elation. She always thought Spike was so cute. Even from the first day she met him.

Twilight led the way bounding for Spike's chamber down the long narrow hallway her very own room was located. Twilight and Spike's rooms were very nearly situated for the obvious convenience. Sometimes Spike would tiptoe through this narrow stretch of hallway in the middle of the night if he was having an especially bad dream. He'd crawl into bed with the only pony in Equestria who could make him feel safe. Other times it would be Twilight who would carry him off to bed after lulling him to sleep, or rather she would cater to his cries caused by night terrors if need be. The rooms being close by was as close to a necessity as one could imagine. 

Twilight approached the magenta painted door and slowly creaked it open. Fluttershy could read on the wooden door frame in big block letters "Spike's Little Home". She smiled at the charming atmosphere.

Sunlight shone through the teal curtains on the adjacent window. The light from Celestia's sun came close to landing right on the basket where both ponies could still see a peacefully sleeping baby dragon clutching his favorite doll deep in slumber. Twilight who was an expert on navigating around all of Spike's thoroughly used toys walked carefully up to his basket. Fluttershy however, being overwhelmed by the chaos, flew up to hover just slightly and silently above the floor with the calming flap of her wings. 

"Awww, he still likes his doll I made for him I see." Fluttershy whispered.

"Some nights I can't get him to sleep without it," Twilight reached for Spike.

"Spike?" Twilight pulled back the covers of Spike's baby blue blanket. "Spike it's time to get up. Don't you want to get up go outside and play? It'a a beautiful day. Much too beautiful to waste it all napping."

Spike slowly opened his eyes, pulled his claw out of his mouth, sat up and yawned. He tried to get the little bit of "sand" out of his eyes. That sandpony was always putting sand in them.

"Oh hey Twilight," Spike let out another yawn before regaining the acuity in his other senses, still yet to notice Fluttershy. "Yeah, sure. Just give me a moment." Spike got up out of bed and set his Rarity plush back in his basket. He resumed his post-nap ritual of tossing his blanket back in the rightful place.

"Spike you're so cute when you're sleeping you know that?" Fluttershy landed softly down next to Spike so that she could sweetly pat him on the head.

"Gah! Fluttershy?" Spike grabbed his chest.

Fluttershy wasn't trying to startle the poor door. She helped Spike straighten his bed sheet out. The baby dragon was taken back a bit. He only remembers eating at the Hayburger and then the memories get fuzzy after that. He was only expecting Twilight to come check on him. Fluttershy pulled Spike's blanket taught over the other side of his basket. "There! All done!" Fluttershy offered her sincerest praise.

"Thanks Fluttershy. I almost forgot you were coming this afternoon to drop off Owlicious." Spike turned to smile up at the yellow mare. He wouldn't admit it to her but he still wasn't used to anypony else knowing about his problem. Especially Rarity.

Twilight spoke up now. "Spike do you need to go to the bathroom? After drinking all of that chocolate milk at the Hayburger..."

Almost impulsively Spike took off running for the bathroom. He zoomed in a flash out of his room whence the two ponies came. 

"Yesssssss!" was all Fluttershy and Twilight heard.

The two ponies exchanged a look of amusement and had themselves a good laugh. They trotted out of Spike's room and Fluttershy carefully shut the door after them. They convened in the main room and Fluttershy and Twilight sat in their respective thrones.

"You know," Twilight's voice echoed in the castle's big boisterous room, sound waves bouncing all over the crystal walls. "Those books had some interesting ideas on ways to help Spike." Twilight hovered over some of the tea she had brewed earlier to the center table and poured some for Shy. "Honey?"

"Oh yes please!" Fluttershy and the princess shared a mutual love for tea from Zecora's. Only problem was only one pony between the two of them was brave enough to enter the Everfree Forest. Fluttershy grabbed the honey delicately out of Twilight's magical aura and stirred it in her brew. She sipped it quietly, like she speaks.

"The one book all about Nocturnal Enuresis you let me borrow talks about trigger warnings. In it, it describes types of triggers psychological triggers, physical triggers, and environmental triggers." Twilight sipped a little bit of her own tea. "Fillies and Colts are susceptible to an astounding number of triggers or combination of triggers which could for any reason cause them to lose control of their ability to 'hold it' at night. It's the parent's job," Twilight gestured to herself which Fluttershy found adorable, "to identify these triggers and isolate them effectively."

Fluttershy a bit concerned now, "Well have you any idea what kind of triggers Sp- I mean 'he' could be suffering from? He seemed to nap fine just now. So maybe you could deduce something from that?" Fluttershy, afraid Spike might be listening in on them especially in such a noisy section of the castle, decided not to name drop the drake.

"That's just it. Nothing is consistent. In all of my observations Spike's wetting seems to be completely random! Sometimes it's 6 or 7 days out of the week. Other times it happens but once. The triggers seem to be completely arbitrary."

"What triggers? What's wrong Twilight?" Spike climbed up to sit on his throne next to Twilight's. 

"Oh it's nothing Spike. Hey," Twilight was suspicious of him. "Did you remember to wash your hooves?"

Spike turned his hands over to reveal that they had been shined by soap and water.

"Very good Spike!" Twilight applauded. "You know since you were such a good #1 assistant today by helping to keep me on track and being an angel at the Hayburger..."

Spike liked where this was going.

"Why don't you take these two shiny bits and see what gemcakes Pinkie Pie has at Sugar Cube Corner?" Twilight suggested.

"You mean it?" Spike clenched his fists and pointed them triumphantly at the ceiling. The ceiling which held the roots of their old library: the Golden Oaks Library. "Alright!"

Fluttershy was enjoying this little moment the two of them were having.

You didn't need to tell Spike twice. He knew exactly what he was going to get too. That little dragon was up and out of the front door almost before he could say: "Thank you Twilight!"

"You're welcome!" Twilight tried calling back out to him before the door closed behind his shadowy figure.

"Oh he's such a sweetheart," Fluttershy replied upon taking yet another sip of Zecora's home brew tea.

"As I was saying," Twilight started again. "I just can't narrow it down. His accidents are entirely random."

"Well these things do come in phases. Sometimes the answer is as simple as letting him grow out of it."

Twilight shook her head. "That's not good enough for me. I want to help him now if there's any way at all that I can. There's got to be."

"Well have you tried talking to him more about his problem? Maybe it'd be easier to figure out why it happens if you find out something's been on his mind?" Fluttershy inquired.

"Hmmm, that's true, and I can't say I have tried to talk things over with him yet. It's just so hard to get a sign out of him. Every time it happens he's just so bogged down by emotion I'm afraid to even talk to him about it," Twilight looked sad. "It's like his eyes are telling me he just wants it all to be over and go away. That's not a conversation I ever feel good about striking up."

"But Spike needs you to prod him a little don't you think? You don't have to make things uncomfortable for him, sure. And I absolutely think it's great that you're so sensitive as to always consider his feelings. But suppose his trigger is psychological? An underlying cause that can only be uncovered by talking it out with him." Fluttershy had a point.

"You know I've never considered that..." Twilight didn't care to admit that she's missed anything. Ever since Princess Celestia tasked her to take care of Spike she's always prided herself on her ability to handle the baby dragon on her own. "Fluttershy what would I do without you, really?"

"Well, like I said Twilight I'm glad to be of even the slightest bit of assistance. I understand how unpredictable and stressful child rearing can be. It is by no means an easy task." Fluttershy reassured her friend. 

"Thanks. You know what? I'll try talking to him about it tonight before bed."

"Oh I think that sounds like a wonderful idea!" Fluttershy sat up and her wings shot out in enthusiasm. 

Twilight and Fluttershy both continued to drink their tea in unison at the large rotund table until it was time for Fluttershy to head back to her cottage.

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The gang all finished eating and payed for their tab. There was a lot of used napkins on the table covered in ketchup for some reason.

"Huh," supposed Saty. "I guess that baby dragon is quite the hoofful." She took to busing the table.

Outside Spike was mortified. Not only did he cause a huge mess at lunch this afternoon but he was pretty convinced his friends, especially Pinkie Pie, knew about his little secret.

"Bye everypony!" Twilight called out to her friends.

"See 'ya Twilight! Bye Spike!" waved Applejack.

"Baiiiiiiii you two!" bellowed Pinkie Pie somersaulting into a cloud of confetti.

"Later guys," Rainbow Dash took to the sky.

With that Twilight Sparkle turned to her assistant who was having a pretty bad day insofar and task managed him further. "What do you say we head on back home, Spike? We need to drop off a couple of things there anyways." 

Twilight looked curiously at her baby dragon. It seemed like he wasn't even paying attention.

"Huh? What's that? Oh, home. Yeah," Spike let out a yawn. "Let's do that." 

"Spike are you sure you're feeling alright? You must be pretty tired after all those fries you ate." Twilight laughed to herself at the ketchup incident.

"No way, Twilight. I'm not even tired honest. I could work well on through the rest of the afternoon." Spike rallied behind some feigned confidence. 

"Are you sure?" Twilight started heading towards the castle. She took notice of Spike rubbing his eyes, a sign that meant they were getting harder to keep open and that he needed a nap. "Why don't we put you down for a nice nap once we get home?"

"A nap?," Spike sounded almost offended. Spike tried to scurry up to his caretaker but his little legs just didn't have the energy left in them. "Come on Twilight I don't need a-" But just as Spike was about to finish his sentence he spilled in a spell of sleep right there in the market square. Ponies nearby took notice of this and smiled to themselves thinking he must just be ready for his nap. Spike was out cold. And can you blame him? He had a busy, mentally exhausting morning.

Twilight smiled and picked him up off the ground not with her magic but with her mouth, just above the back of his neck like her mother used to do to her sometimes. She placed him carefully on her back and took the scroll out from under his claw. His claws were now free to place themselves in his mouth to be sucked.

"Oh Spike," Twilight stared at her peacefully sleeping assistant. She gave the list a once over and resumed her walk to the castle. She was careful in her stride so as not to disturb Spike. But she also knew that Spike could sleep through just about anything. 

She started humming a tune to herself to pass the time along. Twilight always wondered how it was birds were able to hold tunes so easily. Twilight supposed it was a characteristic of their ability to communicate with others of their own kind. She reminded herself to research some ornithology later. Or better yet ask her animal expert friend Fluttershy.

Twilight opened her large castle doors with a spell of her magic and immediately the inside illuminated in a crystal hue of brilliance. Twilight walked over to Spike's room where she placed him in his basket. The basket has since been giving fresh sheets and Spike's favorite baby blue blanket has been freshly fabric softened. Spike curled up into a ball of warmth underneath his familiar blanket. Twilight floated his favorite plush of Rarity next to him and he instinctively latched onto it. Spike thinks that Twilight originally sewed Rarity together for him but only she knows the truth that it was Fluttershy who did the deed in secrecy. With one of his hands on his plush friend his other hand was still dutifully sucking its claw. Twilight took a motherly moment to stare down in admiration at her adorable baby dragon snuggling in his basket with a plush sewn of her friend. She kissed him sweetly on his head just before his spines.

"Sleep well, Spike. I'll be in in an hour to check on you." 

Twilight carefully navigated her hooves around all of Spike's toys which were always everywhere on the floor. Twilight made a mental note to tell Spike to pick his room up one of these days. She got to his door and made sure to half close it. That way if Spike needed anything at all she'd hear him.

Twilight went to the kitchen to unload her saddle bags. She took out the ink wells, parchment paper, fresh quills, mulch, and tea. 

"Well I suppose I have some time before Fluttershy gets here," Twilight said to herself while setting her favorite tea on the counter. "Maybe I even have time to start a cup of brew?" Twilight brought out the tea kettle and her favorite sweet golden honey. She poured water into the kettle and heated it up rapidly with some kind of incineration spell. Once the water came to a boil she strained the tea leaves and buds through it and stirred it with just the right amount of honey. 

"Ah," Twilight took a sip. "Always worth the trip."

Twilight took to making sure the other items her and her assistant gathered were put in their proper places. She deposited the study utensils into the library and was sure to make sure everything down to the parchment paper was placed in the correct spot. In her mind there was no such thing as too organized. Satisfied, Twilight cruised back to the kitchen where she had set the mulch and proceeded to head on up to her crystal garden. It was up a long flight of stairs that spiraled around her bedroom. Having just become mid-afternoon, the sun was high in the sky and shining beautifully through all the glass that was strategically placed over her flower beds and gardens. It was a sanctuary up there. Another one anyways in addition to that of her library.

Twilight opened the smelly bag of mulch and was instantly reminded of her early days with Spike changing his diapers. Then again the mulch wasn't quite that bad.

"Here you go," Twilight sing songed at her crystal eyed susans. "Nothing like some fresh nutrient rich soil to get you going!" She scattered it around her flower beds not just where the trouble spots were but everywhere. She wanted to ration it well because she wasn't sure how well it would work or even how much they needed. She was just happy to be up there in the glass enclosure where the sun beamed on her mane and the room smelled just like the fields beyond Sweet Apple Acres.

Twilight was putting the finishing touches on some sunflowers when she thought she heard a soft rap at her front door. She tied the bag of mulch back up and placed it in the corner of the greenhouse next to her other gardening supplies. 

"Bye everyflower! I'll see you tomorrow!" Twilight knew to try and be more vocal with her plants just like Fluttershy and Roseluck. If it worked for them there's no reason it shouldn't work for her. The flowers and garden specimens quietly thanked her for the attention.

Twilight paced slowly down the steps where her suspicions were confirmed. There was indeed a visitor here to see her. The same soft knock could be heard coming from her castle's main door.

"I wonder who that could be." Twilight wiped her hooves off with a rag as she passed by the kitchen counter to her main hall and entrance. "It couldn't be Fluttershy with Owlicious already. Could it?"

She stepped into the foyer and opened the door to reveal her pet owl and a timid yellow pegasus.

"WHO." The owl was smiling atop Fluttershy's head.

"Hey, Twilight. We're not too early are we?"

I know she's good with animals but wow! That was fast!

Twilight Sparkle :breakcopyright: HASBRO
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Applejack  :breakcopyright: HASBRO
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"Well hello there Applejack! Hello there Pinkie Pie! Would you two care to join us? We were just about to have lunch." Twilight invited.

"Sure!" The bouncy, pink party pony vaulted over Rainbow Dash in a perfect aerial flip and grinned next to her upon landing. Rainbow Dash would never admit when she was impressed but Pinkie Pie was a special case. Rainbow Dash offered a smile at her strangely athletic friend.

"So what's up with you two?" Rainbow Dash asked. Applejack took a seat next to Rainbow Dash as well, therefore sandwiching her between two earth ponies.

"I've been helping Pinkie Pie here bake up quite a spread for a huge catering event this afternoon. We worked up a mighty fine sweat baking them tasty treats. We decided it best to stop and take a break. I mentioned the Hayburger and well-"

Pinkie Pie interrupted her friend with one of her patented gasps. "The Hayburger is like the bestest place ever! Well aside from Sugar Cube Corner that is. Ok, so maybe it's one of my most favoritest places ever but not like totally the best place ever. I mean come on. It's a 'hayburger' but the burgers never say 'hey' back!" Pinkie Pie glanced nervously around the table for a reaction to the joke. 

Spike laughed harmlessly in the corner he was sitting in next to Twilight. "Good one, Pinkie Pie!" He laughed.

The server showed up just then with everypony's waters. She was a beige unicorn pony with a notepad cutiemark. "Why hello there everypony! How are y'all doin' today? My name is Saty and I'll be taking care of you four ponies," she paused to emphasize Spike. "And this cute little dragon over here, too." Spike's cheeks turned red when everypony looked at him and smiled. "Can I start you off with something to drink?"

"Do you ponies have cider products?" Rainbow questioned.

"Rainbow!" Applejack interjected. "It ain't even high noon yet."

"Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere!"

Twilight covered Spike's ears so he wouldn't pick up any unhealthy catchphrases.

"We get cider from pretty much every county this side of Equestria. Which distributor would you like, hun?" The server had her notepad held in front of her with her magic.

"How about my favorite cider recipe of all time from Sweet Apple Acres?" Rainbow Dash asked in a way she was sure to compliment her friend's farm.

"Uh huh. That's one cider, anypony else care for one?"

"Ah what the hay make that two please if 'ya wouldn't mind." Applejack gave in. She was pretty partial to the creature as well.

"And for you?" The server gestured at the pink pony.

"The biggest glass of chocolate milk you ponies have please!" Pinkie Pie licked her lips in anticipation. She was nuts for chocolate milk. Ok, she was nuts for a lot of things but put chocolate milk on the list.

"Oh oh oh! Me too! Me too!" Spike jumped up in his seat.

"Spike wait your turn. It isn't polite to yell out like that," Twilight calmly reprimanded her baby dragon. Spike obliged.


"Alright so that's two chocolate milks, two ciders, and what can I get you to drink, er-" just then the server, Saty, noticed that the pony in front of her was an alicorn. "Oh my stars, you're the princess of friendship Princess Twilight Sparkle! I recognize you from the coronation!" Twilight was all too familiar with this scenario. Her friends were used to it now too.

"Yup, I eat here at the Hayburger just like everypony else," Twilight was bashful in situations like this.

"It's an honor to be serving you your highness," Saty bowed her head in a dignified manner.

"Please just call me Twilight." She waved her hoof at her in a sort of that's-not-really-necessary gesture.

"Well what can I get for you to drink, Twilight?"

"Oh just water is fine. But could you make baby Spike's drink here a small? He sometimes has a hard time grabbing the large glasses."

"Oh certainly!" Saty and Twilight both smiled at the color of Spike's cheeks. Spike just sat there and pretended not to care. He knew better than to pout in front of Twilight.

"Just give me but a minute and I'll be right back with yer drinks." The beige unicorn was all too elated that she had seated royalty. Everypony else was amused by her reaction. Well everypony except Spike at the moment. He was feeling embarrassed.

Well the others joked and gossiped around him Spike ruminated to himself and stared out the window quietly. He didn't like that he was so dependent on Twilight all the time. He couldn't cross the street without him, he can't order food the right way, he can't even manage to keep his bed dry at night! 

How does Twilight put up with me? I'm such a burden on her. 

While Spike was quietly thinking about all the things around him Pinkie Pie was reenacting one of Applejack's crazy pie dough kneading routines and she knocked Spike's water down all over his scales. He was completely soaked.

"Oops! Awww, Spike you're all wet!" Pinkie Pie instantly felt bad. She started grabbing napkins to dry him off.

"What? No I didn't!" Spike shouted before he snapped back from his daydream. Everypony looked confused and Twilight looked a bit worried.

"Heh, it's ok Pinkie Pie. Here, let me." Twilight summoned about four or five napkins with the help of her magic and dabbed them against Spike. Spike was still acting suspiciously defensive about the whole scenario.

"I meant 'no I'm not'," Spike tried to cover his mistake. 

"Uh, yeah?" Applejack and the two other ponies on her side of the both looked at each other perplexed. 

"There we go! All nice and dry, sweetie." Twilight cheered.


"Oh, sorry Spike. I don't mean to embarrass you," Twilight appealed. "It's just you're my sweet assistant and I want to treat you sweetly." Twilight balled the napkins up and placed them in front of her.

Saty came back with the drinks. "Here we are: two ciders," they came in wooden mugs. "One large chocolate milk," she placed it neatly in front of Pinkie Pie who immediately started going to town on it through the straw. "And one kid's chocolate milk." She set a tiny plastic cup in front of the baby dragon. The cup had all sorts of childish imagery on it and was capped by a lid and twisty straw. Spike groaned to himself.

"Oh excuse me but could we please get one more water? This one had an accident." Twilight floated the glass full of wet napkins to the server Saty. But not before Spike jumped up and started to say,

"No I did-" He promptly cut himself off. He almost just dug himself a deeper hole. He sat back down quickly, ashamed at himself for being so self-conscious. 

Pinkie Pie finished what she thought Spike may have been about to say. "Yeah I was doing an impression of Applejack making one of her amazing apple pies and I knocked the water all over him." Spike was glad to hear Pinkie speak up for him.

"Well I'll be right back with a new one for you, dear. In the mean time have y'all decided what you want to eat?"

All four ponies replied in unison: "HAYBURGER PLEASE!" they all grinned at each other. The restaurant stilled. Saty twisted the pen she was using in her ear to stop the ringing.

"Whoa, hey are y'all sure?" Saty teased. "What about the little guy?"

Spike opened his mouth to say something but Twilight spoke for him. "He'll have a junior hayburger meal please." Twilight placed a hoof on his back and hugged him close. "Right Spike? I don't want you to get a tummy ache and we have too many left overs at home as is."

Spike mumbled. "Yeah, I guess so..." I just wish you'd let me order for myself.

"Certainly! 4 Hayburger meals and a junior plate coming right up," she trotted off in the direction of the kitchen.

"Spike are you feeling ok, sugar cube? You don't seem like yourself today. Is something wrong?" Applejack took a swig of her cider.

"Yeah you've been jumpier than me when somepony says the word 'part-" 

Rainbow Dash instinctively put a hoof up to Pinkie's mouth and held her still before she could say the word that would always cause her to erupt in an explosion of confetti.

"Yeah I feel fine," Spike spared his friends his feelings. "I must just be a little tired is all. Twilight and I have been running all across Ponyville this morning."

Twilight knew in her head what really was going on. But she vouched for Spike. 

"We went to Fluttershy's to drop off Owlicious," Spike didn't like where this was going. He nervously took a sip from his tiny cup of chocolate liquid. "We ran into Rarity on the way-"

"Ouch! That must've hurt her!" Pinkie almost spit out her chocolate milk. "Did you apologize?" She sounded sad.

"Wait what? But how'd- no, no, no." Twilight was caught off guard by Pinkie Pie's logic for a second. "Not like that Pinkie."

"She means passed by her, dopey." Rainbow Dash playfully bopped Pinkie on the muzzle. Pinkie smiled and resumed her drink.

"Exactly. Then we ran to Zecora's and got some of my favorite tea," Twilight kicked her saddle bags with her hooves to make sure they were still sitting under the table. Her compulsiveness to locate everything was astounding. "When we came back here to Ponyville market to buy study supplies and mulch that's when Spike met up with Rainbow Dash and we came here."

"Sounds like you two were busy then," Applejack slammed some more of her cider. "I reckon you'll probably need to take your nap soon Spike."

Spike who had been yawning was caught off guard again. He didn't like the sound of that.

"Oh yes after we eat here we're going to add 'give a baby dragon his nap' to the list and head home." Twilight approved. 

Rainbow Dash snickered every time Spike was referred to as a baby. Rainbow wasn't doing it to make fun of him or hurt him. She honestly just thought it was funny how Spike was still a baby and still did things like a baby is used to doing things like, well, a baby. 

Meanwhile in Spike's head he was beginning to get suspicious. Did they know? Twilight must've told them too! Spike didn't like thinking that Twilight would do something to intentionally harm him. In fact, he didn't believe it. He refused to believe it. He realizes Twilight made a mistake with Fluttershy earlier today but he didn't hold that against her. If anypony knew his secret he was glad it was Fluttershy. She was so quiet. She was a natural at keeping secrets safe. Not to mention she was the living embodiment of kindness and would never tell a soul. He was still a little shaken up from Rarity finding out though. That was the real reason he was acting strange at lunch. Twilight and he both knew it. But did they? He wondered.

"Foods up!" The beige unicorn with the notepad cutie mark floated a gigantic disk next to their booth. It had steamy, smelly plates of fries and burgers on it. 

"Wow, that was fast!" Twilight said.

"Meh," replied Pinkie.

She got to Spike last. "And for the little guy," she set the junior burger and fries in front of him in addition to placing a kid's cup of water strategically next to it. This time the cup of water had the same embellishments as his chocolate milk. Clearly the server placed the blame at least in part on baby dragon claws. Lastly, she floated a bib next to Twilight's plate so that she might put it on her messy eater. Spike didn't notice, but Twilight quietly acknowledged it.

"You guys are all set. Please let me know if you need anything else. Enjoy!"

Twilight, Applejack, and Spike all replied with a "thank you". Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash already had their mouths full.

Just as Spike was about to grab a hand full of fries he felt a shadow come over him. It was the bib.

Spike objected on impulse. "But Twilight! I can eat without a bib," He looked like he was about to cry.

Twilight didn't want to cause a scene. She figured Spike's dignity had probably suffered enough today because of her. She let this one slide. "Alright Spike. You're right. I'm not going to make you wear it," Twilight took notice of how sloppily Pinkie Pie was eating and that maybe she should put it on her instead.

Spike was relieved. It was a good thing too. Before Twilight folded the brightly colored bib back up she read it to herself: Mommy's Little Piggy in bright yellow letters. That surely would have embarrassed him, Twilight thought.

She looked at Spike who was sullen. He was portioning the amount of ketchup to put on his fries and trying to do it very carefully. As he pounded the bottom of the bottle he was growing more and more impatient. Nothing was coming out. Just as Spike was about to give up he gave the bottle one last shake and as he did ketchup went everywhere! It sprayed the wall he was sitting next to, it hit Twilight in the side of the face, it fell in Spike's lap, it got on the table. The only place the ketchup didn't land was on the plate. 

"Oh, Spike..."

Spike just wanted today to be over. He wanted today to be over so so bad.

Twilight Sparkle :breakcopyright: HASBRO
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